OnPointe At Home’s multi-generational experience across the healthcare continuum gives us an unmatched and intimate understanding of each patient and their specific needs.

Our team uses an all-inclusive intake process and follows precise protocols in order to learn about each patient’s individual journey. Understanding where they’ve been and where they want to go enables us to best help them with where they are now. Our Transitional Care Method – which includes a group of transitional nurses who closely monitor each patient – helps our patients and their families understand what to expect from us at each step in the process of their care, based on their individual health management plan.

Language and speech challenges can be both frustrating and embarrassing. In addition, they can impede an individual’s day-to-day life, their progress and aspirations. OnPointe At Home can work with patients in a dignified manner to help overcome these difficulties. Our dedicated Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs), home healthcare aides and registered nurses (RN), work with individuals who may be burdened with communication difficulties, such as articulation, reception, stuttering, and even feeding disorders. Our professional speech therapists work one-on-one with patients in the confines comfort of their own homes, which results in patients making significant progress in less time than if done in an external environment.

What to Expect from At-Home Speech Therapy? 

At OnPointe At Home, our extraordinary SLPs work meticulously with each patient to provide a number of necessary services. Each therapy is perfectly matched and customized to suit each patient’s specific needs and abilities. They are:

  • Alternative Communication Methods Training
  • Articulation and Sound Exercises
  • Collaborate with Physician, Social Workers, and Community Resources
  • Comprehension and Problem-Solving Activities
  • Evaluate Speech, Language, Cognition, and Oral Feeding Skills
  • Feeding and Swallowing Exercises
  • Language Intervention Activities
  • Oral-Motor Exercises
  • Patient, Family, and Caregiver Education
  • Supporting Social Aspect of Communication

Overcoming a language, speech, or oral feeding disorder takes patience and compassion, and our devoted therapists believe that family participation is essential for a patient’s success. Because of this, our speech-language experts work closely with our patients, their families, their friends and their caregivers, in order to create a support team that is dedicated to the patient’s treatment.

To get a customized speech therapy treatment plan and the attention that is needed to suit you or your loved one’s circumstances, contact us today.