OnPointe At Home’s multi-generational experience across the healthcare continuum gives us an unmatched and intimate understanding of each patient and their specific needs.

Our team uses an all-inclusive intake process and follows precise protocols in order to learn about each patient’s individual journey. Understanding where they’ve been and where they want to go enables us to best help them with where they are now. Our Transitional Care Method – which includes a group of transitional nurses who closely monitor each patient – helps our patients and their families understand what to expect from us at each step in the process of their care, based on their individual health management plan.

Trying to making the right decision when it comes to your home health care needs can be a stressful and overwhelming task. We at OnPointe At Home help relieve that anxiety when a patient comes into our care by delivering professional healthcare under our umbrella and calling on five generations of knowledge and dedication. And thanks to that experience, we are part of a large network of services that make it easy for patients and their families to rely on a single provider for their at-home care needs.


You deserve to have the reassurance and peace of mind with incomparable in-home nursing care. Whether you or a loved one is in need of medical care because of an injury, illness, or other health-related issue, you will have access to the best registered nurses (RN), licensed nursing aides and licensed vocational nurses available with OnPointe At Home.


The Professional Services provided by OnPointe At Home are part of the Medicare program called Transitional Care Management which was created in 2013. OnPointe At Home’s Transitional Care Management helps patients manage their healthcare needs following a discharge from: an Inpatient Acute Care Hospital, Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility or Hospital, Long Term Care Hospital, outpatient observation, partial hospitalization, or Skilled Nursing Facility.


With rising costs associated with certain facilities that perform physical therapy, the at-home physical rehabilitation services offered by the exceptional team at OnPointe, are a safe, cost-effective alternative to rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities.


When performing everyday tasks have become challenging or near impossible because of injury, illness, or the effects of aging, OnPointe At Home can help. We can provide the expert care and occupational therapy that is essential to help you or a loved one rise above these difficulties by adapting to lost or impaired abilities or by teaching you new skills.


Speech and language challenges can be both frustrating and embarrassing. In addition, they can impede an individual’s day-to-day life, their progress and aspirations. OnPointe At Home can work with patients in a dignified manner to help overcome these difficulties.

OnPointe At Home understands that time is of the essence when it comes to home health care needs. Depending on the circumstances and needs of the patient, we are prepared to send one of our physicians, nurses, or trained clinicians to a home from within minutes up to 24 to 48 hours. Our multi-generational experience across the healthcare continuum gives us an intimate understanding of each patient’s individual journey. This patient-centered focus enables our team to facilitate the best possible care for our patients so they—and their families—can start living a better quality of life immediately.

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