This is the essence of who we are.

  • Constantly striving for excellence
  • Energetically seeking innovative solutions
  • Intentionally investing in others by teaching
  • Knowingly embracing collaborative efforts
  • Purposely creating a culture of discipline
  • Uncompromisingly exercising integrity

At OnPointe At Home we have established an essential service for our patients. We have built a network of care that bridges the gaps between the many agencies and healthcare professionals that are often involved with coordinating patient care. And we do it all in a way that is skilled, respectful and supportive during what is a difficult time for many patients and their families.

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At OnPointe At Home our mission is to draw out the courage in others. We accomplish this through dedicated compassion for our patients and their families, making choices with uncompromising integrity, and constantly looking for innovative solutions that lead to developing and maintaining fiscal success. We are continually growing our team through assessment and coaching and consistently striving for quality and excellence in all that we do.

OnPointe At Home was founded on the concept of a Continuum of Care more than 100 years ago. Our home health care agency was built using our five generations of experience – across the entire spectrum of healthcare – to establish a family-owned and operated business that has remained patient-focused. Our Continuum of Care is unique as it guides and tracks patients over time through a comprehensive selection of healthcare services across all levels and intensities of care.

Our objective has always been to envision and create communities that delight our patients and their families, while providing our team with the most innovative tools and finest support available. We do this to foster a healing environment and to give hope to those in need; to fundamentally change our industry so that it is better able to positively impact a patient’s life.

At OnPointe At Home we have intimate knowledge of a patient’s journey. We understand where they’ve been, where they’re going, and we know how we should care for them in the here and now. By understanding this life journey we are better equipped to treat patients in their own homes over longer periods of time and in a variety of ways. We can help patients achieve their goals by providing a better quality of life. Being able to treat a patient better is what differentiates our home health care team from all other service providers.